Laser Imaging & Design

"The Fusion of Art & Stone"

From colossal-sized granite murals to much smaller keepsakes, let us show you why we are known throughout our industry as not only the biggest, but also the best.

Starting with the design process, Laser Imaging & Design works with clients to develop the perfect tribute; sometimes this is as simple as adding the final touches to their project ideas. And, because our staff is both creative and technically experienced in all the latest design software, the possibilities are nearly limitless. After the final design is approved and the material is chosen, the etching process begins. When the customer has approved the finished product, we will arrange delivery or shipping, depending on size and destination. Also depending on the project and location, Laser Imaging offers delivery and installation.

Equipment, Building & Materials

Our facility houses 5 laser etching machines and a water jetting machine. Two of the laser etching machines are some of the largest and fastest in the country.

Laser Etching Machine
Water Jetting Machine

Our complete line-up of equipment and their capacities include:

  • L-Star 610 Vytek - 72"x120” bed size, vertical thickness capability 14”, weight capacity - 8800 lbs
  • MLT 610 Vytek - 72"x120” bed size, vertical thickness capability 14”, weight capacity - 4000 lbs
  • MLS 4496 Vytek - 44"x96” bed size, vertical thickness capability 22”, weight capacity - 4500 lbs
  • L-Star 3648 Vytek - 36"x48” bed size, vertical thickness capability 12”, weight capacity - 1200 lbs
  • Laser Pro 2418 - 24"x18” bed size, vertical thickness capability 6”, weight capacity - 50 lbs
  • OMAX Maxiem 1530 Waterjet - 60"x120” bed size. 30hp pump produces more than 50,000 psi of water cutting pressure
  • Sandbast Line – With one large automated side and one manual side, our 15’x10’x10’ blasting booths allow for the largest of projects.

Our investment in equipment allows us to create custom-shaped granite inserts, multi-colored tile and floor inlays, as well as allowing us all forms of metal cutting, deep-carving capabilities in multiple surfaces, and laser etching in various materials. Our 5000 sq. ft. of production area with 22’ ceilings can easily handle large trucks and full semi loads of granite.

We import full containers of black granite for retail and for wholesale customers and always have large amounts of inventory in stock.

Please call or email for a complete list of memorials and slabs in stock.

Check out our video, The Fusion of Art & Stone.

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